Some examples of these are doing sub contract works for the shire of Halls Creek and Department of Main Roads and mining companies, such as Argyle, Savannah Mines and Rewah Gold Mine Company now Lamboo Nicholson Find, Lowville Mining.  These have been established and delivered with Indigenous communities and employer within the East Kimberley shire region. Our capabilities include vast experience in employment, and training that Directors Reg Madden and Lexie Trancollino bring to the Business.

Reg Madden brings over 20 years of experience in workforce development, community and industry engagement aimed at Indigenous employment and economic development. His role in the business is to secure and execute contracts on the actual projects the business wins. Reg has been involved with designing and implementing successful Indigenous employment and workforce development services within the mining, community and civil construction industries.

Reg’s experience includes fencing, all round machine operator, house/industrial padding, civil road works, rehab work, mentoring, cost/quoting jobs and machine hiring.